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President Obama’s Birth Certificate – Again?

Should it be a news flash that President Obama was born in the United States?  If there was a shred of credible evidence that he wasn't born a United States citizen he would not now be sitting in the White House.

There were too many people with power that could have, and would have, stopped him.   But he does meet the criteria and he won the election.  So why do we keep hearing about his birth certificate?

It's an issue that won't die.  When the issue first appeared, Obama's campaign showed journalists the standard birth certificate that all United States citizens are required to show to obtain a passport or government benefits.

That was enough for most people, and certainly for those who have to decide whether he meets the criteria for office.  But it wasn't good enough for a very small group of people who want to believe that he is not the legitimate leader of the United States.

After ignoring these peo...

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