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Political Journalism Loses Two Good Ones

Two great political journalists died recently. One, David Broder, was one of the best-known journalists in the country. The other, Mike Posner, would be recognized by few outside the United States Capitol.  Both were among the finest journalists ever to set foot on The Hill.

Broder's story is well known.  Often referred to as the dean of the Washington press corps, Broder was a Pulitzer-prize winning columnist for The Washington Post.  He was instantly recognizable across the nation from his appearances on "Meet the Press" and other television programs.  He died at age 81 last month.

To be honest, most of us political reporters wanted to be David Broder when we grew up. He seemed to know everyone and everything. He wrote with authority because he knew what he was writing about. Calm and measured, Broder easily could be mistaken for a college professor.

Posner, on the other hand, could be mistaken for someone decidedly down on h...

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